A mind full of deer and foxes


My mind has once again developed a crush on deer and I’m rediscovering the pleasure of drawing those beautiful creatures. My summer obsession with foxes has not come to an end either, and I can only assume that it will simply last forever. So, it’s with no surprise that these two friends are slowly appearing in my every sketchbook. Except another drawing illustrating their friendship soon!!


Into Light, pastel on A5 paper


This drawing right here is a perfect illustration to Bob Ross’ famous quote, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”! It started out, ironically enough, with me attempting to follow a Bob Ross tutorial and messing up the first couple of steps (I was tired :P), and it ended up to be one of my favorite original drawings.

It is so bright and colorful that even my sister fell in love with it! Ha ha Which, to me, is one of the highest compliments my art could ever get: a sincere like from my big sister. I must admit that every time I look at it, this big bright sun, right in the middle, simply catches my eye and I’m amazed at how drawn I am to the drawing.

I won’t be going into details about what parts of my mind and heart were used to carve this drawing, but I’ll only tell you that it is a tale of hope and fear.

Grande-Anse cliff, A5 pastel


It has been really hard for me to make time for art lately but last night I finally managed to finish this pastel in my A5 sketchbook!

It is the cliff of Grande-Anse, somewhere in the south of Reunion island, my homeland. It is a place very dear to me as it is where, five years ago, my friends and I went to spread the ashes of our beloved Olivier. It is also just one (out of so many) beautiful spot on the island! And I remember on that day as we sat a little too close to the edge, there were dolphins and turtles swimming in the ocean!

Anyways, it took me a couple of very spread out hours. I also tried to lightly spray the drawing in between the two/three layers to see if it’d help me get better texture than usual. I’m not really sure if it helped to be honest. I will have to practice more and see!

Washing Machine, acrylic on canvas (2016)


A little throwback to my first ever acrylic painting from two years ago entitled Washing Machine. This was inspired by my local laundromat then, and a poem that I wrote while waiting for my clothes to be washed. I never shared (nor finished, for that matter) the poem but maybe some time in the near future it could become a thing. 🙂

Kissing bunny rabbits ||Fineliner Madness


Last July, I started using fineliners in my special “mess around sketchbook” as a little morning activity while I waited for the kids to wake. It was loads of fun letting them smoothly dance on the paper and create those really cute imperfect pictures. And I enjoyed it so much that I developed a sort of addiction to it, which eventually turned into this Fineliner Madness!

I’ve made several fineliner drawings since then and I will be sharing all of them on here as I free up some time to upload. I am also filling up a small sketchbook with various floral themed drawings and am already 11 pages in (out of 24!). You can follow the evolution of this project in my Instagram story @chloerivsart and once it’s all done, I’ll post it on here in a little slideshow!

Really love the freedom that fineliners give me! They make me really comfortable with the idea that it doesn’t have to be perfect and help me focus on enjoying the ride. It also is really nice to be able to create something really pretty within a couple of minutes! I still miss painting though! Hopefully now, with summer being over, I will get more and more time to create as much music & art as I’d like!

Those bunnies radiate love, don’t they? Ah… Love! Autumn is almost kind of here now, and that is a beautiful season for love, ain’t it? With the changing colors, crunchy leaves in the grass, pumpkin spice everything, long fluffy scarves…